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Exterior Painting in Boston metro area
      Exterior painting has two main reasons why we are getting it done. At first good paint job improves curb appeal of your residency, and second more importantly creates protective barier from sun, wind , snow and obvieously rain.  Water will always find its way inside causing more and more damages over time unless  your home is protected with good quality silicones and paint. Some of our customers admited waiting too long what caused them extensive wood replacement and that means spending more of your hard earned money. We always provide free estimates so do not hesistate and give us a call to get your quote.

Free consultation and project evaluation

      Entire project will be evaluated. At first we will try to find ​causes of any damages  and reasons for paint failure. Clear definition of the scope of your project, costs and time frame will be provided to you. We will also discuss ​what kind of primers and finish materials we will use  on your project.

 Exterior preparation

       Preparation is a critical step in the application of a long lasting paint or stain job. A sound surface must be found and prepared properly for the top coatings it will receive. If we find any structural damage such as dry rot, we will bring it to your attention and appropriate actions will be taken to fix the problem prior to painting. During preparation process we will provide color samples for your approval.

In preparing your exterior paint job we will :

   - Pressure wash house with environmentally friendly               detergent for mildew, moss and grime removal and               general cleaning as required  
   - Driveways & walkways cleaned upon request
   - Delicate areas are hand-washed
   - House is given time to dry
   - Scrape all loose paint throughout areas to be painted
   - Feather sand rough edges as necessary for a more               consistent and clean look
   - Glossy areas are scuff-sanded to ensure that finish coat       bonds strongly
   - Apply specialty bonding primer to all applicable                     surfaces
   - Caulking all splits in wood and windows for proper                 insulation and water damage prevention
   - Masking all windows and doors, protection of                         shrubbery landscaping and walkways.

Painting and final inspection

    We only use high quality products. All surfaces will be painted with at least two coats of high quality paint. We use brushes, rollers and spray guns. 
     We will  do a final inspection to ensure that all work and cleanup is complete. Then we  will ask the customer to inspect the job and any areas of concern will be noted and taken care of. We will leave touch up paint labeled and stored away.