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Historic homes restoration in
Boston metro area
   Historic homes are beautifull but usually require a lots of work. Tons of peeling paint, missing trim pieces, rot and other damages are typical for these homes.
         At Charlie`s Painting we are working hard to restore and bring back to life style and beauty of every  home we are working on.

Paint Stripping

Handrail Staining

Plaster Repair

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         Restoration of damaged trim and sidding requires good knowledge and good attention to details. We always like to point out to our customers details such as rotten wood, missing trim pieces, missing sidding or enything else that got our attention. Usually a lots of surface sanding is involved in this process and most of homes built prior to 1978 contains some trace of lead paint. At Charlie`s Painting we take proper steps to provide safety for home owners and everyone`s else on the job site. Occasionally we perform paint stripping and this process allows us to remove all coats of paint all the way to the original wood . Paint job looks much better after stripping and  sanding will help us achieve smoothness and good adhesion of new coats of paint or stain.


      Restoration of interior has its common problems such as cracks on walls and ceilings, bulging plaster, water stain damages, peeling paint and uneven surfaces. We protect everything we are not working on and very good protection has to be done on floors and natural woodwork. If needed, dust barriers will be created to prevent dust from getting beyond work area. We take proper steps to fix plaster. Using plaster buttons and fiberglass tape we can restore ceilings and walls to its original great condition. Good trim preparation is very important step we do in order to achieve great painting results. Stripping of handrails creates new look to entire starcases and gives us opportunity to change color to the color of your choice. Also stain matching is a another aspect of our great interior work.