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Kitchen Cabinets

      We offer refinishing kitchen cabinets. Sometimes is simply easier to paint cabinets instead of replacing them. Painting is less expensive and when properly done, they will look as good as new. There is a few different ways we can get them done. We always paint or stain front and back of doors and drawers.  Painting inside
​​cabinet boxes is optional, however usually we only paint box frame faces. We communicate with the customers and keep them updated about progress being made. The beauty of painting kitchen cabinets is choice of your own color. Possibilities are endless.      
           As always we make sure everything is protected. We remove all hardware, doors and drawers. In order to achieve good adhesion of paint , we need to clean and wash all surfaces with solution and remove all grease and contaminants. Sanding and priming will help with longevity of our paint job. We will apply choice of your color to all surfaces. When all is painted and approved we will clean after ourselves and leave you touch up kit labeled and stored in basement.